Six Degrees of Separation? Not in the LDS Church!

Has this happened to you? You get together with some old church friends and within a few minutes you're asking each other questions like, "Hey, what ever happened to..." or "Did so & so ever get married?" or "Were you friends with..." and most important "How can I get a hold of...?"

The goals of this site are to:

  • Help you keep in touch with old friends.
  • Help you make new friends.
  • Prove we're all connected by only 3 degrees!


  • Post information about yourself and announce events to all your friends!
  • View information posted by friends (where has your old mission buddy been the last 3 years?)
  • Have fun with LDS Chat
  • Find new friends through old friends.
  • Participate in online disussion board / forums.
  • Post events and view friend's events.
  • View your LDS geneology of friends, called your "friend network".
  • Be amazed at how many people you are connected to through your LDS association around the planet!

Why the name “LDS3D”? You're probably familiar with the theory of "Six Degrees of Separation" (everyone on Earth is separated from anyone else by no more than six degrees of separation, or six friends of friends of friends)... Not only will this site help friends to stay connected, but will prove that all the members of the church (and their friends) are separated by no more than THREE DEGREES!

Think about how many people you've met at the following:

  • Church
  • Seminary
  • High School
  • Youth Conferences
  • EFY (Especially For Youth)
  • Missions (including MTC)
  • Singles Wards
  • Church Dances
  • Temple Pageants
  • BYU (Utah, Hawaii, Idaho)
  • The list goes on and on....

Do you have to be LDS to be an LDS friend? Of course not! This site was designed for groups of friends that came together because of LDS influences and activities, which are of interest to members and non-members alike!

Is this an LDS Singles Site? LDS3D was not designed as an LDS dating site, but since one of the goals is to make new friends, this definately makes it easy for LDS singles to get together!

Sign up now and join a network of friends or start your own network!